Topsoil and Compost Mix 50/50

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Our 50/50  compost/topsoil mix is produced and bagged in Cornwall and can simply be used to fill raised beds or raked out as a new topsoil layer.

For landscaping and restoring areas for planting, use the top soil to improve quality or build up existing soil by raking out between 50 – 200 mm in depth of top soil depending upon existing soil quality.

For creating raised beds, simply fill beds to a minimum of 300mm (the deeper the better as this will help retain moisture).

Remember the level will settle after first filled.

For establishing a vegetable patch, simply dig over area and rake out the compost/topsoil mix to a depth of 100 – 200 mm then allow soil to settle for a short period before planting.

Our Compost/topsoil mix is suitable for use all year round and can be delivered using our crane trucks.