IKO Turbo Torch on Cap Sheet

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The IKO Turbo Torch range of cap sheets have been specifically developed to provide the perfect combination of long-term performance, ideal handling characteristics and rapid torch-on installation.

The unique IKO Turbo-Flow polymer mod bitumen coating melts faster when torched, rapidly achieving optimum bond strength, then cools quickly to reduce foot marking and slumping. The IKO Turbo-Flow coating dramatically increases the speed at which an effective bond is achieved and reduces the amount of gas required for installation.

  • High performance/rapid installation

  • Unique Turbo-Flow SBS modified bitumen coating

  • Quick Torch” rapid dispersal backing film

  • Less heat (gas) required for installation

  • Reduced installation time (up to 30% faster)

  • Ideal for detail work – slate surfacing matches pour and roll cap sheets

  • Length mm: 8000

    Weight kg: 38

    Width mm: 1000